Про InteractSoftware

    The large companies frequently face the problems of analytics of the work process efficiency in IT environment. If the company has more than 10 workplaces and all processes are being carried out on computers, big data analysis becomes a challenge. But InteractSoftware deals with it easily. The software is installed on computers, where the work processes are being carried out, and the managerial staff of the company may see the reports according to the required parameters just online.
    Having great deal of information and in the era of digitization such tool as InteractSoftware is indispensable.
    InteractSoftware helps large companies with a great number of computers to optimize business processes, analyse activity of the employees, technical condition of a computer, implement new tools, as well as monitor clients’ behaviour. Therefore, InteractSoftware helps to save money and raise profits.
    Among the clients of InteractSoftware in Europe are such companies as BNP PARIBAS, ALLIANZ, FedEx, TTC and other well-known companies. The official representative of the company in Ukraine is NEWTEND. InteractSoftware software is already being tested by several Ukrainian companies.
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