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For Buyers is wide variety of favorable offers For Suppliers are new buyers from all over Ukraine
For Suppliers

channel of sales

Sell to the state and the companies, without leaving the house
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For commercial Suppliers

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For the State Suppliers

Purchase budget, uahAmount, uah, include VAT
up to 20 thsd 17
up to 50 thsd 119
up to 200 thsd 340
up to 1 million 510
over 1 million 1700
For State Buyers
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Participation of state-owned companies - free!

Help & training

The assistance for State Companies in loging-on and using of system
Support Desk
(044) 355-61-80
(050) 435-61-80
(093) 435-61-61
(096) 355-61-80


Electronic Trading Platform

Free registration in two steps
For commercial Buyers

Procurement optimization

Save on purchases! From stationery to raw materials and services!
You can turn on the Supplier's status if you need


3500 UAH per month
+0.3% of purchases

3500 UAH

First month is for free!