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The electronic trading platform NEWTEND is a high quality and prompt service for participation in the pre-threshold and above-threshold government tenders. NEWTEND participated in the development of the ProZorro system and has all four accreditation levels.
We open new marketing outlets for the suppliers and provide them with open and equal access to the government orders. We provide the participants with Concierge service and Legal support services at all stages of bidding. We provide with a prompt mailout of current procurements and inform about the status of the tender participant. It is possible to participate in public property biddings at the NEWTEND platform.

For suppliers

The NEWTEND platform is an electronic trading service for any kind of business. You no longer need to search for the marketing channels. You can market all your products and services online at the NEWTEND platform. There is an equal and quick access to the government tenders for you here. Register and look for the necessary procurement in the list of tenders! And our concierge service will accompany you at all stages of bidding.

870 bln UAH of expected value
1,2 mln number of procedures
29 000 of active suppliers
50 000 of active tenders

To suppliers in public purchases

Purchase budget, UAH Sum, UAH, with VAT
up to 20 ths. 17
up to 50 ths. 119
up to 200 ths. 340
up to 1 mln. 510
from to 1 mln. 1700

We draw your attention that from April 1, 2016, in order to submit an offer through the electronic platform NEWTEND, it is necessary to make an advance payment from your bank (current) account. You can determine the advance amount yourself, but in any case not less than the cost of submitting a tender offer depending on the budget of the purchase, in which you plan to participate. Otherwise, the opportunity to bet will be absent. We ask you to take care of the necessary amount in advance, depending on the company's plans.


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Choose the most profitable procurement and win in the bidding!


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The customer reviews the offers and chooses the winner


For customers

The suppliers from all over Ukraine work at the NEWTEND platform. Fast and comfortable service will ensure the procurement of goods, works or services on the terms that are beneficial to you. Legal advice and expertise on the issues of preparation of tender documentation. Personalized Concierge service 7 days a week.

32,6 bln UAH of economy
129 000 of active suppliers
870 bln UAH of expected value
29 000 of customers