Analytics services

Newtend offers a useful service for uploading search query data to Excel, both purchases and plans. We also provide comprehensive analytics for the supplier, which will assess the position of competitors and the behavior of partners. This is an effective tool that will allow you to get the maximum analytical information that will help to quickly and efficiently participate in the auction.

How it works

The supplier can find the customer company of interest with the USREOU code or name and conduct analytical research of the following nature:

DC codes

See the codes of the DC, according to which the Customer announced the procedures

Quantity and quality of Procurement

Analyze the number / value of purchases made by the Customer

Detailed view

View the most announced purchases, the statuses in which they are, and all the details of the purchases made or in progress

View budgets

The size of budgets with which Customers work; cost and types of purchases

Company plans

Get acquainted with the planned purchases for the current year using the section "Company plans"

The supplier can select a certain DC code to assess the "market capacity" in its field or area of activity.

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